SoachCast: Kojay Ki Larai

Listen to Bajara’s recital of a poem by Ibne Insha.

Title: Kojay Ki Larai
By: Ibn-e-Insha
Volume: Chand Nagar
Year of creation: 1952
Insha wrote this sarcastic poem about the devastation done by the freedom loving nations of the world more than half a century ago. It still reminds us of some ongoing and recent happenings in the world.
— Banjara

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1 Response to SoachCast: Kojay Ki Larai

  1. Tamashbeen says:

    As a fan I have read Insha ji many times and while reading his works fiction or poetry it always surprises me that how we can still associate these words to the world we are living in today. Like in his book Khumar-e-Gandum there is an article about Pakistani political workers welcoming a dictator in the greater interest of the nation this article was written long ago but even today political workers are issuing the same press releases without any changes.

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