SoachCast: Dil Husn Ko

saleem ahmadListen to Banjara’s recital of one of Saleem Ahmad’s poems.

Title: Dil Husn Ko
By Saleem Ahmed
Vol: “Ikkai”

Saleem’s poetry is a representation of what he truelly believed in and practiced.

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2 Responses to SoachCast: Dil Husn Ko

  1. Banjara says:

    I would like to share a few sweet things. When I was recording this piece my 4 year old came to me and asked ” Pappa kaun si fasal nahin katti”. Today when I was listening to this soach cast he agai came and asked ” Pappa Fasal abhi tuk nahin katti kiya”. As you know we are moving to Pakistan he then said “Pappa kiya hum Pakistan fasal kaatnay ja rahay hain”. I wish can go and make his wish true.

  2. Zulfiqar says:

    I hope that you have a plentiful fasal to cut in Pakistan.

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